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Reducing Disturbance

This video series, “Cotton & Covers,” follows the soil health journey of three coastal plain cotton producers as they share their stories and experiences to improve the health and productivity of their farms. Strip-till and subsoiling are common practices for cotton production in the coastal plain soils of the southeast. Both systems cause soil disturbance and use a lot of fuel. In this episode, Zeb Winslow of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, Sonny Price of Dillon, South Carolina, and Burton Heatwole of Millen, Georgia, share how they have overcome these challenges by converting to a no-till farming system and planting cotton into multi-species cover crops. has helped them maintain yields and save money.

Length: 03:17

Year Produced: 2020

State: Georgia

Cropping Systems: Cotton

Tags: No Till, Save Money, strip till