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Next Level Diversity

This video series, “Cotton & Covers,” follows the soil health journey of three coastal plain cotton producers as they share their stories and experiences to improve the health and productivity of their farms. Reaching next level crop diversity in cotton systems is more than simply adding another cash crop; it requires using cover crop blends to keep living roots growing throughout the year. In this episode, Zeb Winslow of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, Sonny Price of Dillon, South Carolina, and Burton Heatwole of Millen, Georgia, talk about harvesting sunlight to feed soil biology in their fields, using the 60- to 70-day window of time after corn or wheat harvest to accelerate soil health by producing biomass above and below the ground. Taking advantage of the diversity in plant growth, root types and root exudates has helped these farmers to create a favorable habitat for soil organisms.

Length: 03:25

Year Produced: 2020

State: Georgia

Cropping Systems: Cotton

Tags: diversity, planting green, roots, Soil Biology