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Getting Started with Cover Crops

This video series, “Cotton & Covers,” follows the soil health journey of three coastal plain cotton producers as they share their stories and experiences to improve the health and productivity of their farms. Adding cover crops to a cropping system can increase organic matter, control problem weeds, and help reduce moisture evaporation. But how do you get started? In this episode, Zeb Winslow of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, Sonny Price of Dillon, South Carolina, and Burton Heatwole of Millen, Georgia, discuss how they began with a single species cover crop, overcame planting issues in high residue, and the benefits of rolling the cover crop down. Experimenting with planting methods and timing of termination has helped them learn the nuances of cover crop management.

Length: 03:36

Year Produced: 2020

State: Georgia

Cropping Systems: Cotton

Tags: getting started