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Creating shade and reducing erosion on a grazing operation with silvopasture


Creating shade and reducing erosion on a grazing operation with silvopasture

Carl Zimmerman’s Soil Health Journey


Carl Zimmerman’s Soil Health Journey

Economic Opportunities Outside of the Box


Economic Opportunities Outside of the Box

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One Good Idea is a multimedia clearinghouse where farmers can learn from other farmers about how to be successful and profitable with soil health and other stewardship practices.

Because, sometimes, all you need to get started is to try that one good idea.

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Farmer pointing to his crop field


How strip till improved productivity on my farm.

Tractor injecting manure into soil


No-Tilling After Low Disturbance Manure Application with Nick Kleiber

Man holding prairie flowers up to camera with another man in background


Pollinator Habitats

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Now there are more ways for farmers to learn from each other about how to be good stewards while protecting profitability!

Good Idea Shop Talks

This free, virtual meet-up series is for row crop and livestock producers who want to exchange ideas and advice for troubleshooting on-farm challenges related to improving soil and water resources.

Good Idea Mini-Grants

Teams of farmers and farm advisors are implementing edge-of-field practices and creating a video and/or podcast about their projects to help other farmers learn how to apply these practices to their operations.

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Whether you’re a farmer who is doing conservation practices, you’re a farmer who is “conservation curious,” or you work with such farmers, you can be part of our knowledge-sharing community.

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What is this?

A multimedia clearinghouse for ideas about soil and water stewardship that are by farmers, for farmers, and backed by evidence.

Who’s behind this?

We are a collaboration of university Extension specialists and farmers across the U.S. Midwest and Mid-South.

What do you mean by evidence?

To us, evidence is both research and farmers’ real-life experiences, and we work to ensure you get ideas you can trust.