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Manure Composting with Jeff Endres


Manure Composting with Jeff Endres

Buckeye Farm: Drainage Water Management


Buckeye Farm: Drainage Water Management

Biological Capital and Its Value to A Farm


Biological Capital and Its Value to A Farm

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One Good Idea is a multimedia clearinghouse where farmers can learn from other farmers about how to be successful and profitable with soil health and other stewardship practices.

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Farmer pointing to no-till planter


Planting No-Till Soybeans into Living Rye Cover Crop

Farmer standing in corn field talking into a microphone


No-Till Corn Planted Green with farmer Dale Theel

Two men talking in front of tractor


Planting Green for Roller Crimping

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A multimedia clearinghouse for ideas about soil and water stewardship that are by farmers, for farmers, and backed by evidence.

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We are a collaboration of university Extension specialists and farmers across the U.S. Midwest and Mid-South.

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To us, evidence is both research and farmers’ real-life experiences, and we work to ensure you get ideas you can trust.