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Wide Row Cotton

Dr. Bill Robertson, University of Arkansas Cotton Extension Agronomist, and cotton farmer Mr. Adam Chappell, Cotton Plant, Arizona, discuss the cost-saving benefits of planting wide row cotton (76”). Adam follows soil health principles. He plants no till into high biomass cover crop blends. He says he has cut seed cost in half along with eliminating the need for synthetic phosphorus and potassium. Weed and pest control are achieved through the cover crop as well. While many producers say they are concerned about the “green bridge” that cover crops might provide, Mr. Chappell says cover crops provide a diverse habitat for beneficial insects to thrive to provide control. The video concludes with Mr. Chappell offering his advice on how to succeed growing wide row cotton.

Length: 20:54

Year Produced: 2021

State: Arkansas

Cropping Systems: Corn, Cotton, Soybean

Tags: diversity, herbicide application, Nutrient Retention, pest control, reduce costs, wide rows