Content Criteria

Wondering if your content would be a good fit for One Good Idea? Here is what we’re looking for:

  • The content must feature one or more farmers sharing their experiences implementing practices that improve soil health, water quality, and other natural benefits of agriculture. Non-farmer experts can also be featured, but a farmer must play a key part.
  • The content should include practical information regarding the practice(s) the farmer is doing – e.g., what did they do, what are they learning, what worked or didn’t work, etc. While the “why” of the practices is certainly important, our goal is to also provide farmers information about the “how” to help them try something new.
  • Ideas must have evidence behind them, whether it’s research or the farmer’s real-life experience.
  • For folks who work with farmers: We’ll take videos, podcasts, or virtual event recordings, such as virtual field days. They must already exist on a multimedia platform that enables embedding, such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, etc.
  • For farmers: Currently we accept only videos from farmers. If you do not have your own YouTube channel, no sweat. We’d be delighted to put it on our YouTube channel.
  • Content must be in the Creative Commons or free for us to use. We will credit you or your organization, of course!
  • For videos, we encourage information quality over production quality. They can be either professionally produced or more of the mobile phone variety. Don’t let technology be your limit.
  • The content must not promote any commercial products.

We evaluate ideas submitted to us based on the quality of evidence and whether they align with our mission to help farmers have success with soil and water stewardship practices. Our Content Review Team includes Extension specialists and researchers from land grant universities and farmers with experience in soil and water conservation practices.