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We believe the future of farming depends on the health of every farmer’s operation. We suspect you do too. That’s why we hope you’ll share with us ideas and experiences that could help farmers become successful and profitable with soil and water stewardship practices.

One Good Idea crowdsources most of its content from farmers and folks who work with farmers, such as Extension specialists, farmer organizations, and crop consultants. If you are part of this crowd, learn how to share below.

We take ideas in the form of videos, podcasts, or social media post fodder.

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We want your ah-ha moments and no-nonsense advice about how you are applying practices to improve your soil, land, and bottom line. There are two ways you can share.

Send a Video

No fancy camera or professional production is necessary! Use your phone to create a video and send it to us. Here is some guidance to help you produce a video.

Submit an Idea to Share on Social Media

Got an idea or experience to share, but don’t want to make a video? We’d be happy to share what you’re doing and learning on One Good Idea’s social media channels! We won’t share your name unless you are OK with it. Send us your idea, and we will follow up with you.

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Folks Who Work with Farmers

Become a Contributing Partner. We welcome videos and podcasts from individuals or organizations that work with farmers to improve soil and water resources, including farm consultants, commodity groups, nonprofits, media, or conservation professionals from the public or private sectors.

If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Partner, please get in touch and send us an example of the content you’d like us to consider.

Share ideas on social media with

Help us make good ideas go viral. If you’re in the field and get inspired to share what you’re doing and learning to protect soil and water resources, use the hashtag #WhatsYourGoodIdea. We may re-share your idea on our own social channels.

How we evaluate ideas

We make sure farmers are getting applicable information they can trust. To us, “evidence” means both what the research says and what a farmer experienced in real life.

We evaluate ideas submitted to us based on the quality of evidence and whether they align with our mission to help farmers have success with soil and water stewardship practices. We will not accept nor promote commercial products.

Seeking farmers to join our content review team! Learn more

Content Criteria

Wondering if your content would be a good fit for One Good Idea? Learn what we’re looking for.

Top photo credit: NRCS/SWCS photo by Lynn Betts