Our Story

The seed for One Good Idea was planted on a rain-soaked February day in an equipment barn in northern Mississippi. A group of farmers and Extension specialists were convened for a field day and trying to stay dry, while the host farmer, Andy Schmidt, fielded questions about how he does cover crops and no-till on his farm.

One farmer in the audience asked him how he figures out what to do without getting overwhelmed by all of the things there are to learn. Andy replied: Whether he’s at a field day, listening to speakers, or doing his own on-farm research, he tries to pick up and implement one good idea.

Little did Andy know what his reply would inspire.

One Good Idea was developed by a team of Extension specialists and farmers in the Midwest and Mid-South. Our goals are to help farmers learn from each other about soil and water stewardship practices and to make sure they get credible information. We know how valuable it is to learn from someone who has been there and done that, and to get information you can trust. Our vision is for every farmer to be successful and profitable with these practices.

Launched in 2021, One Good Idea will be in a state of constant growth, as we continue to harvest ideas and content from farmers and those who work with them to protect soils, water, and the farming legacy.

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