We know changing farming practices can seem risky. Sometimes, all you need to get started or take the next step is to try that One Good Idea.

One Good Idea is a clearinghouse of videos and podcasts that feature farmers’ ideas and experiences with practices that are helping them improve their soil, land, and bottom lines – such as cover crops, no or low till, rotational grazing, and buffer strips, to name a few. It is where farmers can learn from farmers, and from non-farmer experts too, about how to be profitable and successful with these practices.

A red tractor inter seeding a planted field

Find Ideas

Looking for ideas that can help you take the next step to improve your farm’s soil and water assets? No matter where you are in your journey, One Good Idea is a starting place for ideas that might work for your operation.

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Got advice or experience with a stewardship practice that you think could help other farmers interested in applying it to their operations? Because we crowdsource most of our content, One Good Idea provides you an opportunity to pay it forward and help protect America’s farming legacy.

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