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Multi-species Cover Crops

This video series, “Cotton & Covers,” follows the soil health journey of three coastal plain cotton producers as they share their stories and experiences to improve the health and productivity of their farms. Do multi-species cover crops really make a difference and how can I tell? According to Zeb Winslow of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, Sonny Price of Dillon, South Carolina, and Burton Heatwole of Millen, Georgia, the answer is “yes.” In this episode, these farmer mentors discuss how they felt from the seat of their tractor how cover crop blends were changing their soils. Incorporating multi-species cover crop mixes provided a myriad of benefits to their farming operation, from reducing compaction and eliminating winter weeds, to creating a mellow seed bed.

Length: 04:10

Year Produced: 2020

State: Georgia

Cropping Systems: Cotton

Tags: Compaction, moisture retention, radishes, Soil Biology, triticale, weed suppression