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How Conservation Saved a Cotton Farmer

Field Work hosts Mitchell Hora and Zach Johnson talk to cotton farmer Adam Chappell about cotton and sharecropping. Chappell nearly lost his farm 10 years ago to a triple whammy of drought, pigweed and a customer who didn’t pay. He fought his way back to profitability by adopting regenerative practices. Now he uses much less seed, fertilizer, herbicide and irrigation than he used to. He has integrated livestock and figured out what cover crops work best for corn and soybeans, as well as cotton. Now he’s looking into chicken tractors, sheep and downsizing his acreage because his margin is so much better.

Length: 1:21:00

Year Produced: 2021

State: Arkansas

Cropping Systems: Beef Cattle, Corn, Cotton, Small Ruminants, Soybean

Tags: drought, lower inputs, Profitability, Return on Investment