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Producer-led Webinar: Fall and Winter Grazing Techniques

This webinar features a discussion between Serge Koenig from Sauk County Land Resources and Environment and farmer Roman Miller from Sauk Soil and Water Improvement Group (SSWIG) about bale grazing and stockpiling forage as part of a managed grazing operation. Roman operates a 230-acre grass-fed beef operation near Rock Springs in Southwestern Wisconsin. Through talking with other SSWIG group members, he’s integrated new bale grazing techniques to better distribute nutrients across his outwintering field. He also experimented with planting a sorghum-Sudangrass mix to graze late into the season.

Length: 57:00

Year Produced: 2020

State: Wisconsin

Cropping Systems: Beef Cattle

Tags: bale grazing, farmer-led group, stockpiling, winter grazing

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