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Good Data Drive Success

Join Rick Clark, American Soybean Association Legacy Stewardship Award Winner at the 2019 Commodity Classic, as he explains his data-driven, low-input, high-return soil health system. Clark farms about 7,000 acres in Indiana and Illinois – 100% no-till, cover crop, non-GMO, and 1/3 of the acreage is in transition to a no-till organic system.It’s intense, and it’s data-driven. Clark says that useful data can make a farmer feel more comfortable about the decisions he/she is making. Good data can help put your mind at ease and then allow it to focus on supplementary farming methods. “When you collect the data, and you make your decisions off that data, you then become a low-cost input producer, which is what we are. That then puts you in a position of strength.”

Length: 17:03

Year Produced: 2019

State: Indiana

Cropping Systems: Corn, Dairy, Soybean

Tags: Profitability, Return on Investment, yields