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Farmer Incentives, Mayonnaise and More!

Food companies are seeing a lot more demand from consumers for sustainably-grown food. But how is that demand translating into actual incentives for farmers to adopt conservation practices? In this episode, we bring you the conversation Field Work co-host Mitchell Hora moderated in November 2019 at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit. Panelists included Unilever’s Stefani Millie Grant and Ben Crook from Hellman’s Mayonnaise, who explain how big food companies are trying to encourage more farmers to use sustainable ag practices, and farmer Scott Henry, who participated in Unilever’s sustainable soy program.

Length: 53:57

Year Produced: 2020

State: Arkansas

Cropping Systems: Beef Cattle, Corn, Cotton, Dairy, Forage, Hog, Other Grains, Poultry, Rice, Small Ruminants, Soybean, Vegetables

Tags: consumers, incentives, Nutrient Loss, Profitability, supply chain