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Strip Tillage

No digg-it-y. No doubt? On this episode of Field Notes we dig into the question: to till, or not to till, or somewhere in between? Strip tillage is not as common in Wisconsin as full width tillage or no till, but it presents an opportunity to reduce soil disturbance and improve soil aggregation, while also gaining some of the benefits of full width tillage like early season soil warming and fertilizer incorporation. To explore some of the benefits and logistics of the system, we talk with Dr. Francisco Arriaga, an Associate Professor and Soil Science Extension Specialist at UW Madison, who specializes in soil physics and soil management and Sam Johnson, a strip-tilling farmer near River Falls, Wisconsin.

Length: 32:47

Year Produced: 2023

State: Wisconsin

Cropping Systems: Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: soil aggregates, strip till