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Options for Unsuccessful Rye

Did you find yourself harvesting corn too late to plant cover crops? Did you get cover crops in, but have little success? Check out what our neighbors with the DK Demo Farms are doing and how Deer Run Dairy LLC is working to get cover crops established. This field has been under no-till conditions for five years and they’re committed to building soil health, so planting into green is their goal. While they planted rye in 2019, very little established, so they’re going to plan B. By planting oats and red clover this week, they’re anticipating having 5-7 inches of oat growth by the time they start planting corn later this spring. While the red clover will only begin growing, they anticipate having enough survive, so that they have covers established in the fall.

Length: 01:35

Year Produced: 2021

State: Wisconsin

Cropping Systems: Corn, Dairy

Tags: Clover, oats, planting green, Rye, Soil Biology