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Mudholes in March: Zach and Mitchell Go to Planter School

Paul Reed and Dave Moeller explain to Zach and Mitchell that the modern planter row unit was designed to provide good seed to soil contact in the dry, cloddy seedbed of a conventionally tilled field. And why that created a different set of problems in cool, wet early season, no-till fields. They start with the release of the John Deere MaxEmerge row unit in 1972 and follow the development of planter technology right through today’s precision technology, describing how their constant experimentation and collaboration with other pioneers like Howard Martin and Eugene Keeton led to successful no-tilling and a business selling planter attachments. Zach also gets some advice on how to set up his own planter.

Length: 52:40

Year Produced: 2021

State: Arkansas

Cropping Systems: Corn, Forage, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: conservation culture, getting started, planting equipment