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Integrating Cover Crops on a Vegetable and Poultry Farm – Covers for Poultry – Virtual Field Day

Learn about the different ways Rob Faux integrates cover crops throughout his vegetable and poultry farm. From spring-seeded and fall-seeded cover crops to interseeded, quick-turnaround covers in the summer and fallow beds for running poultry, Rob has tried almost everything and will show a good mix (and single-species stand!) during these virtual field days. Rob Faux and his wife, Tammy, operate Genuine Faux Farm, a CSA, produce and poultry operation near Tripoli, Iowa. Since launching the farm in 2005, Rob has been an inquisitive farmer, testing products and concepts on his own and through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program.

Length: 47:50

Year Produced: 2020

State: Iowa

Cropping Systems: Poultry, Vegetables

Tags: interseeding

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