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Farming 2,000+ Organic Acres Regeneratively

Join the learning train as we hear from Clifford Johnson who farms 2,000 acres organically with the six soil health principles in mind. Cliff, his father, and his brother work together & have tons of experience composting and using compost teas. They are life-long learners and are passionate about our precious soils. Come along as Cliff tells us about why he loves planting soybeans into vibrant green cereal rye and then crimping a few weeks later as the cereal rye pollinates. The Johnsons plant around 600 acres of “Annual No-Till” soybeans each year.

Length: 06:45

Year Produced: 2020

State: Minnesota

Cropping Systems: Beef Cattle, Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: composting, organic, Profitability, Return on Investment, Rye