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Economic Opportunities Outside of the Box

Thinking outside the box about a farm’s economics can lead to opportunities, including those created by climate-smart agriculture. Michael Morrow, executive director of the Indiana Farmers Union and land steward who farms with his family, and Hans Schmitz, Conservation Agronomist for the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative, dive into adopting climate-smart strategies, from carbon markets and agrivoltaics to no-till and cover crops. Morrow and Schmitz discuss securing a farm for the future, reducing volatility and increasing security, the activities of the Indiana Farmers Union and CCSI, the Climate Action Committee, hemp, and how their organizations support farmers in implementing climate-smart practices.

Length: 29:48

Year Produced: 2023

State: Indiana

Cropping Systems: Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: carbon sequestration, climate-smart practices