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Changing our focus….From Yield to ROI/NPPA. Successful V3 Corn Interseeding from SE MN

Journey into regenerative agriculture with us, as we walk through how to maintain corn yield while growing a 15 way cover crop mix! Luke Bergler, Lance Klessig, and Mike Steinfeldt share this journey into soil health, unpack the 6 SH principles and explain how to interseed diverse cover crop mixes into V3/V4 corn. Cover crops offer a wealth of benefits as we incorporate them into our cropland and pastures!

Length: 09:06

Year Produced: 2019

State: Minnesota

Cropping Systems: Beef Cattle, Corn, Forage, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: Erosion Control, interseeding, nutrient cycling, reduce inputs, Return on Investment, turnip