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Scouting and Troubleshooting Cover Crop Termination Issues

Planting time is also a time for terminating cover crops, and that’s the topic for the latest CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast. Kosciusko County farmer Jamie Scott and Purdue Professor of Weed Science Bill Johnson discuss scouting and troubleshooting cover crop termination issues. They discuss the need for patience to avoid poor termination and expensive resprays. That means taking into account the way weather conditions affect active growth of plants as well as effectiveness of herbicides. They also talk about the better herbicide modes of action for challenging weather conditions and other issues, such as avoiding tank mixes that reduce herbicide efficacy.

Length: 36:12

Year Produced: 2023

State: Indiana

Cropping Systems: Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: herbicide application, herbicides, weed suppression