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July is the time to start thinking about this fall’s cover crops

With July already here, and fall just around the corner, it’s time to think about where you’ll source your cover crop seed and, if custom seeding, who will apply the seed. Roger Wilcox, one of the owners of Old 20 Ag Supply near Correctionville, IA notes that to optimize your ROI on cover crop expenses, you should seed within specific windows. He says that if you get everything lined up now, you’re more likely to meet your goals. “Think about your cover crop just as you would your cash crop,” advises Roger. Get to know the owners of Old 20 Ag Supply, and hear what they have to say about purchasing seed early in this video.

Length: 02:49

Year Produced: 2020

State: Iowa

Cropping Systems: Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: planting equipment