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Establishing Prairie Strips in a Cash Crop System

Dale installed a pollinator strip last year. When asked why he’s using one, he said, “I had thought about doing a harvestable buffer strip in the past, but I don’t have livestock to use the forage, so I never did one. But when I found out about doing a native prairie with a pollinator strip, I thought that would give more benefit than doing a buffer strip. I also wanted to give more, more protection to the wetland here.” In this video, we re-visit the prairie strip 1 year later. Learn what prairie strips are, why use them, how to establish them, and what success can look like in year 1.

Length: 08:22

Year Produced: 2022

State: Wisconsin

Cropping Systems: Corn, Other Grains, Soybean

Tags: buffer strips, getting started, pollinators